Each of us has one thing in this life that is uniquely our own, that is like no other and can never be taken from us. It is our personal story.

   As the mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade explains, “More than one poet has said this world is not made up of atoms. It is made up of stories. Stories are what keep the world going.”

   One of the saddest things in life is when a story is lost. A lost story is like a missing limb, some essential part of family and culture that is not there. The Written Life exists to make sure that doesn’t happen.

   Through the art of deep listening and professional interviewing we bring out your story. We write it down and reflect it back to you in the written word. The process is illuminating and gratifying, just like any good story. It provides clarity about the meaning of one’s life. It can also be deeply healing. And it provides a legacy, a vehicle through which your uniquely important life story is never lost.

Robinson Brothers Biography Published

   We are proud to announce an important milestone for The Written Life and our publishing arm, Greenman Publishing. The Brothers Robinson, a biography of Denver dairy owners and philanthropists Dick and Eddie Robinson, has been published.

   It has been our great honor to chronicle the family history and life experiences of these two men who have given so much to their community. Dick and Eddie Robinson have been a joy to work with. Theirs is a story of milk and honey, one of business, personal, and community success, on levels both material and spiritual.

   To quote from the book: “These are the Brothers Robinson, a duet like no other in the history of Denver. They’ve been given the keys to the city, and still, somehow, that doesn’t seem enough. What other award can we give them? In the end, maybe all that’s left for us is to trust that God has been watching, that their ancestors have been watching, and rewards await them from a spiritual source none of us can fathom.”

“James Churches has been professional and sensitive throughout the process. He has honored our lives and our families with his thoughtful attention to our story. We are delighted with the book he wrote about us.”  ~ Dick & Eddie Robinson


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