The Veterans Story Project

   We believe strongly that soldiers returning from war deserve the healing balm of telling their stories. The Veterans Story Project (VSP) exists to match returning veterans with comrades who will sit and listen to their story, write it down and reflect it back to them in the written form.

   We will help the writer complete a short book on the returning veteran’s war story, including photos if the veteran chooses. We will then encourage the veteran to host a book reading and signing in which family, friends and comrades-in-arms are given the book and are read to from the book. This book reading and signing event provides an important piece of homecoming, a way to be seen and embraced after a life-changing experience.

   So often the missing piece for a returning soldier is a powerful reception from his or her community. There may be a gathering, an event of some kind, but it lacks the element of story, of conscious recalling, reflecting and telling, that completes the experience for the soldier. It allows him to begin his new life, by completing his last one.

   Even veterans who have returned from war many years ago can still derive deep healing from telling their story. It will be our pleasure at The Written Life to assist veterans in planning and completing a book of this nature. We are also actively seeking sponsors who will provide funds to support a veteran in a book project who does not have the financial means to complete it on his or her own.

   For more information, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.

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