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James E. Churches, Author

The Written Life, Green Man Publishing

May 12, 1968

   Told by third grade teacher, Miss Baker, he was going to grow up to be a great writer.

November 17, 1974

   Wrote one-man play for 9th grade speech and drama class touted by instructor Mrs. Davidson as “the best student project I have seen in years.” Played all parts personally in production. Used as an example for future students to follow.

September 18, 1976

   Wrote a satire article for the high school paper that was acknowledged in math class by instructor Mr. Atchison as “a very funny piece—have you read it?—probably won’t get him suspended for too long.”

April 14, 1983

   As the writer of a weekly column for the student paper at Colorado State University, wrote humor and travel log. Compared once by an admirer to Mark Twain. Enjoyed the comparison. Didn’t let it go to his head. Later called by Managing Editor Kay Merchamp, “The best writer in the school. If student journalists were eligible for the Pulitzer, I would nominate you.” Not sure if she had a crush on him.

December 7, 1984

   As a beat reporter for the Fort Collins Coloradoan, told by executive editor David Benes, “You’ve got a promising career ahead of you as a journalist.” Didn’t go that route, but instead got a job at Coors Brewing Company in Corporate Communications.

January 8, 1986

   Won first of six bronze and silver quills from the International Association of Business Communicators for work on the Coors weekly employee newspaper, The Coors Courier, and the distributor magazine, Priority.

August 12, 1992

   After traveling the world for a year, settled in Hong Kong to become a business beat reporter with The South China Morning Post. Wrote articles about early joint venture initiatives in Mainland China, and about the impact on business from the impended hand off of Hong Kong to China after 150 years of British rule. Also wrote feature stories for the weekly magazine, Peakview. Wrote first novel, unpublished, The Golden BMW.

September 27, 1995

   Hired as lead writer for Colorado Business Magazine. Wrote cover story profiles on many leading business professionals in Colorado, including “Swede” Johnson, vice president of corporate affairs at Coors, Dick Robinson, founder, Robinson Dairy, George Wallace, founder, The Denver Tech Center, Al Yates, former president of Colorado State University, among many others.

   “James is the finest profile writer I have ever worked with. He finds what is unique about a person and brings it out in words that paint beautiful pictures, words that last in the mind of the reader.”

                  ~ Cynthia Evans, former editor, Colorado Business, current president of Excel Energy, Colorado

July 8, 1996

   Completed 2/3 of “Swede” Johnson’s book, Swede’s Way, Never forget a friend. Was unable to complete the memoir before Mr. Johnson’s death from pulmonary fibrosis.

   Said Mr. Johnson of working with Churches: “He is a miner with his words, digging deeply into the mountain of one’s life, finding and unearthing there the gems of meaning. It has been a joy to work with him.”

May 8, 1997

   Entered into artist/benefactor relationship with John Madden, Jr., a major Denver commercial real estate developer. Completed second novel, The Pumpkin Prophesy. Galleon Literary Agency, Los Angeles, was unable to place the novel. Manuscript sits in a large box in the corner of his office.

   “James is the most talented writer I have ever met. It is an honor to sponsor and support his work. I have the utmost confidence in him.”

                  ~ John Madden, Jr., art patron, philanthropist and benefactor

July 14, 1998

   Co-wrote and composed Jeffrey Duvall’s memoir, Stories of Men, Meaning, and Prayer. Mr. Duvall, a reluctant memoirist, did not think anyone would care to hear the stories of his career. Sold 3,000 copies of his book one and two at a time at speaking engagements, events he ran, and by word of mouth—no distribution through bookstores.

From the introduction: 

   “Last but not least I want to thank my co-writer and editor, James Churches. He is truly a word and story weaver and bard. He knows this realm of the human mystery and of man’s search for meaning.”

                           ~ Jeffrey Duvall, national men’s leader, author

Praise for Stories of Men, Meaning, and Prayer:

   “There is no formula here, just stories. I like all these tales very much.”

                          ~ Robert Bly, acclaimed poet and best-selling author

   “I have never read a book quite like this and learned a great deal that helped me and will help any man who picks up a copy”

                           ~ John Lee, best-selling author of the Flying Boy series

September 19, 1999

   Completed third novel, The Dowsing Ditch, under the auspices of Mr. Madden, whose monthly stipend allowed full-time devotion to developing the writer’s craft. Was unable to find an agent to represent this novel.

January 11, 2001

   Ghostwrote several key parts of Ilan Shamir’s popular book, Poet Tree. Mr. Shamir is the founder of Trees, Water, People, a project that offsets the trees used in printing by planting new trees to take their place.

   “James made my words sing. He heard my soul and gave it form and voice on the page. I get so many compliments on my book, and in my heart I am always thanking James Churches.”

                  ~ Ilan Shamir, naturalist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur

 August 15, 2004

   Completed fourth novel, Pirates of the Potomac, a political satire novel released by Green Man Publishing, his own publishing company in Nederland, Colorado. Received honorable mention in the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Praise for Pirates of the Potomac:

   “James Churches is part Thomas Paine, part Stephen King. His tale of piracy is the work of a true patriot. It is also a work of chilling horror as we watch his pirates dismantle our democracy. His book is funny, and scary, and rich with the elements of great fiction. I highly recommend Pirates of the Potomac.”

                  ~ Thom Hartmann, best-selling author of We the People

   “I absolutely loved Pirates of the Potomac. It is a work that makes you laugh out loud, and sometimes quietly cry, with the power that can only come from finely crafted satire writing. James Churches is a master of his craft.”

                  ~ Leslie Thatcher, editor, TruthOut.org

April 18, 2005

   Received trophy for honorable mention in the 10th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards for Pirates of the Potomac.

June 4, 2008

   Began writing fifth novel, The Pelican Farmer’s Almanack, under the renewed support of artistic benefactor, John Madden. Although the funding has ended, continues working on third draft of The Pelican.

   “There is some great, great stuff in here. I look forward to seeing this novel on bookshelves. It’s fun, entertaining, and in many ways, profound.”

                ~ Kurt Gutjhar, nationally renowned editor, Iowa Writers Workshop, MFA

October 25, 2010

   Launched The Written Life, personal biography, memoir, family history, and ghostwriting business.

   Current Projects:

  • Family history and biography for Dick and Eddie Robinson, founders of the well-know and highly-regarded regional dairy, Robinson Dairy.
  • Memoir of Ron Hoffman, founder of Compassionate Care ALS, one of the nation’s leading support organizations for families dealing with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
  • Memoir of life accomplishments for Lou Burno, a successful electrical engineer.

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