The Written Life exists to help individuals review their lives, understand their meaning and preserve those stories as books. These books can take the form of biography, autobiography or memoir. They provide a very satisfying addition to one’s life work. The books also provide an important connection to roots and lineage for future generations.

   Michael Meade, the inspirational storyteller and mythologist, speaks profoundly about the importance of such an exercise when he says, “When people are lost, when people are confused, when they lose their way, the way to find the way again is to go back to the stories.”

   At the Written Life we want people to find their way, to live their truth, to know their elders and their ancestors. We want to serve the future by making sure the important family stories are not forgotten. We also want to serve our clients by listening with heart and soul to the story of their lives.

   It has been said that deep listening is one of life’s greatest gifts, both to give and to receive. This is our practice, to listen deeply, with care and attention, with a writer’s curiosity, seeking truth and meaning. It is a process that can provide deep healing and peace of mind.

   Our founder, James Churches, has been writing stories with gusto since third grade, when Miss Baker told him, “Some day you’re going to be a great writer.” Having completed four novels and two books of non-fiction, Mr. Churches has now focused his talent on personal biography.

   “Why should only the famous and infamous deserve biographies about their lives?” he asks. “Every life is a great story, filled with all the elements of literature. It is my pleasure as an author to bring these tales to life, and preserve them for all time.”

For James’ full biography, click here.

For excerpts of his published material, click here.

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