“James Churches is truly a word and story weaver and bard. He knows this realm of the human mystery and of man’s search for meaning. He gave my memories a voice that has touched thousands. I still receive appreciative letters from readers whose lives have been changed by our book.”

~ Jeffrey Duvall, memoir client, Stories of Men Meaning and Prayer

“We had a good time doing our biography with James. He had us looking at things we hadn’t considered in a long time. It really has been a wonderful life, with all its ups and downs. What a gift James has given us.”

~ Dick and Eddie Robinson, biography clients, The Brothers Robinson – A Story of Milk and Honey

“In my work I try to bring kindness, compassion and deep listening to my clients. How nice it was to receive the same thing from James Churches. It was profoundly illuminating, bringing a clarity to my life experience I hoped for but hadn’t imagined was possible. This book is my legacy. It is the child I never had. It marks my time here on this earth.”

~ Ron Hoffman, Executive Director, Compassionate Care  ALS, memoir client, Sacred Bullets

“James is the finest profile writer I have ever worked with. He finds what is unique about a person and brings it out in words that paint beautiful pictures, words that last in the mind of the reader.”

~ Cynthia Evans, former editor, Colorado Business magazine, current president of Excel Energy, Colorado                                  

“James made my words sing. He heard my soul and gave it form and voice on the page.  I get so many compliments on my book, and in my heart I am always thanking James Churches.”

Ilan Shamir, naturalist, motivational speaker,entrepreneur, memoir client, Poet Tree

“Churches is a miner with his words, digging deeply into the mountain of one’s life, finding and unearthing there the gems of meaning. It has been a joy to work with him.”

~ “Swede” Johnson, former vice president of Coors Brewing Company, memoir client, “Swede’s” Way

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