Do It Yourself

   At The Written Life we strongly support the uniquely important relationship between storyteller and scribe. We encourage family members to embark on a biography project with a family elder. We especially encourage children to sit with their grandparents and get their life stories down.

   We support this process with a complete set of instructions for how to begin and complete a biography or memoir with a family elder. We then take your written files and photographs and publish them in a book. This book becomes a family legacy that will enrich the lives of all current and future generations.

   Our basic package includes written material of fifty pages in a standard book size of 9”x 6,” or approximately 15,000 words. It will be the client’s responsibility to complete the manuscript, edit and proofread to your satisfaction. An additional twenty pages will be reserved for photographs—approximately sixty pictures. The final book will be 70 pages. The package includes 25 printed, soft cover books with a custom cover. Total cost for instructions, design, layout and printing is $5,000.

To order or for more information – please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. Please note: payment accepted by personal check or money order only.

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